Tribal Service Type Designation


An Oklahoma Successful Adulthood (OKSA) Guide

Tribal enrollment and selection of an OKSA Service Type should be completed within 30 days of the youth’s 14th birthday or within 30 days of the youth entering care, after the age of 14.  The selection of an OKSA Service Type is one of the elements requested on the Tribal Enrollment Form. It is a comprehensive evaluation of the youth’s readiness for transition to a successful adulthood, as well as identification of the services and supports required for the youth to achieve a maximum level of self-sufficiency. It helps determine if a youth is capable of receiving OKSA Services. The OKSA Service Type can change depending on the varying situation of the youth.


  • Choose the OKSA Service Type that best suits the youth.

    • Regular IL– refers to a youth who is likely to achieve self-sufficiency and be able to live independently in a community.

    • IL/with Support – refers to a youth who may need additional supports in order to have a successful transition to adulthood.

      NOTE:  Examples of youth designated as IL/with Support:

      • Youth with mental health or substance abuse issues. 

      • Youth with physical disabilities. 

      • Youth receiving SSI benefits.

      • Youth with developmental delays, and not DDS approved.

  • DDS Only – refers to a youth who is currently approved for and receiving DDS services.

    • Incapable of IL– refers to a youth who is unlikely to achieve a minimal level of self-sufficiency due to a severe physical or mental health issue.  If you believe the youth should be designated as Incapable of IL, contact the State Office OKSA Coordinator.



  • Access the Tribal Enrollment Form at

    • Complete all fields of the Tribal Enrollment Form, choosing the OKSA Service Type Designation that you have previously determined.

    • The Tribal Enrollment Form will be automatically sent via the web once you complete all sections and select “Submit.”

      NOTE: If you wish to complete the Tribal Enrollment Form on paper, please scan the completed form on the second page of this document and email it to  You may also fax the form to the National Resource Center for Youth Services (NRCYS) at (918) 660-3785, ATTN:  OKSA Program.

  • Document the enrollment date in the Tribal child welfare case file.

  • Contact OKSA Program staff for assistance with documenting information in the DHS KIDS system if the youth is eligible for a IV-E placement.

  • Fax or email the following documents to DHS Tribal Liaison:

    • Completed DCFS-57

    • Copy of Tribal court order showing custody of youth.