NYTD for Adults

The National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) was implemented by the federal government to oversee the Chafee funding that states receive to provide Independent Living (IL) services to youth in care and formerly in care. NYTD is a data collection system that tracks 13 Independent Living (IL) services  and 6 youth outcomes.


Watch former youth speaking out about why NYTD is important.

NYTD Services and Outcomes


  • Academic Support
  • Post-secondary educational support
  • Career Preparation
  • Employment programs/vocational training
  • Budget and financial management
  • Housing education and home management training
  • Health education and risk prevention
  • Family support and healthy marriage education
  • Mentoring
  • Supervised independent living
  • Room and board financial assistance
  • Education financial assistance
  • Other financial assistance

Outcome areas:

  • Increase youth financial self-sufficiency
  • Improve youth educational attainment
  • Increase youth connections with adults
  • Reduce homelessness among youth
  • Reduce high-risk behaviors among youth
  • Improve youth access to health insurance

The NYTD Process

  • All IL services that youth receive are being tracked and documented.
  • Outcomes areas are tracked through a survey of select baseline youth at 17 and then again at 19 and 21. This data shows that IL funding is helping youth become successful independent adults.

Why Is This Important?

Oklahoma keeps all IL federal funding when certain amounts of youth have been surveyed.

How Can You Help?

  • Encourage your youth to complete the survey quickly.
    • They only have 45 days from their 17th birthday to complete it.
    • At ages 19 and 21 they have a 6 month period to complete the survey.
    • Youth will be paid to complete the survey: $50 at age 17, $75 at age 19, and $100 at age 21.
  • Educate your youth.
    • A survey will be mailed directly to them. They can also take the survey online or call Yes I Can! at 1-800-397-2945 and complete it over the phone.
  • Advise your youth.
    • Have your youth call Yes I Can! (1-800-397-2945) on their 18th birthday to set up their after-care case and to stay in touch with address or phone changes so that they will be able to be resurveyed at ages 19 and 21.