90 Day Transition Plan

An Oklahoma Successful Adulthood (OKSA) Guide

The Fostering Connections Act requires child welfare agencies to provide youth assistance in transitioning to adulthood, by requiring the youth’s child welfare worker to help “the child develop a personal transition plan. The plan must be as detailed as the child chooses and include specific options on housing, health insurance, education, local opportunities for mentoring, continuing support services, work force supports, and employment services.” For DHS custody youth in out-of-home care, this plan must be developed in the month preceding the 90th day before the youth turns 18, submitted to the court as near the 90th day as possible, and worked on during the 90-Day period immediately before age 18.

Complete the 90 Day Transition Plan

  • Prepare for the 90 Day Transition Plan meeting.
    • Schedule a date for a Family Team Meeting (FTM) with the youth, supportive people and permanent connections identified by the youth. The FTM should be held 120 days before the youth turns 18. 
    • NOTE: You will receive email notification from an Oklahoma Succesful Adulthood (OKSA) Program Development Specialist 120 days before a youth on your caseload turns 18.
    • Print a copy of the My Transition Plan form (04PP018E).
    • Print the forms indicated on the OKSA Exit Interview Guide.
    • Print a copy of the youth's updated Plan for My Future.
  • Meet with the youth and their permanent connections, and complete the My Transition Plan form.
    • Provide the youth with the My Transition Plan document to complete.
    • Speak with the youth and document his/her input.
    • Obtain signatures on the My Transition Plan and provide a copy to the youth.
  • Review the plan with the youth at 60 days prior and 30 days prior to the youth’s 18th birthday and assist the youth in meeting the goals stated in his/her plan.

Document the 90 Day Transition Plan

  • Document contact in DHS KIDS system and select "Face to Face" as the Type/Location and both "OKSA-Transition Plan" and "Worker Visit" as the Purpose.
  • Select the "14-18 yr." tab, and complete all required information.
    • At the bottom of the screen, which asks if the 90 Day Transition Plan was completed, check the "Yes" box.
    • Select "Applies," or "Does not apply" to all indicated areas of the 90 Day Transition Plan.
    • NOTE: If "Does Not Apply" is selected, a reason must be included in the comment box provided.
  • Save a copy of the 90 Day Transition Plan, with signatures, in the KIDS File Cabinet.
    • Scan the youth’s My Transition Plan.
    • Open the File Cabinet of the youth’s case.
    • Select the “Court” tab and click on “Add.”
    • Under “Document Type,” choose “OKSA-Case/Transition Plan.”
    • Under “File Name,” find the My Transition Plan file and attach the file.
    • Under “Description,” type: 90 Day Transition Plan and the youth’s name.
      • Select "Case Plan."
      • Select "OKSA," then select the appropriate youth from the list and select "Show."
      • Select "Trns. Plan."
        • Document the information from the youth's MyTransition Plan, which was completed at the 90 Day Transtion Plan meeting, under every corresponding tab.
        • On the "Signature" tab, complete the following:
          • Indicate the date all participants signed the document; and
          • Check the box that the 90 Day Transition Plan was saved in the KIDS File Cabinet.
        • Select "Approval" and ensure your supervisor confirms the 90 Day Transition Plan in the File Cabinet and approves the plan in KIDS.
    • At your monthly visits 60 days prior and 30 days prior to the youth's 18th birthday, review the plan with the youth, assist the youth in meeting the goals started in his/her 90 Day Transition Plan, and document these services monthly in the DHS KIDS system.
    • NOTE: Use the OKSA Guide for Documenting OKSA Services to help you document these tasks in KIDS each month.



  • Provide the My Transition Plan to the court as near to the 90th day as possible before the youth turns age 18.
    • NOTE: For youth who are AWOL, complete the following information:
      • Section 1 - complete all demographic information.
      • Section 12 - under Child Welfare worker's comments, make a statement the youth has been AWOL since (insert date), and worker will complete the transition plan with youth upon his/her return to care.
      • Worker and supervisor both sign the document.
      • Submit the plan to the court as near as possible to the 90th day before the youth turns 18.


 For a printed copy of this information email oksa@ou.edu.