Exit Interview

An Oklahoma Successful Adulthood (OKSA) Guide

The Exit Interview is conducted by the youth’s child welfare worker to gather information about a youth’s perception of the time he or she has spent in care, and a means of documenting the skills a youth learned and the services a youth received while in care. All DHS and tribal custody youth should complete an Exit Interview if he/she leaves care while in an out-of-home placement. Exit Interviews should be started during the youth’s 90 Day Transition Plan meeting, and completed 2 months prior to a youth exiting care at age 18, or 2 months prior to exiting from voluntary care. Youth can potentially receive up to $300 for completing the Exit Interview.

Complete the Exit Interview

Mail or Fax the Exit Interview

Child Welfare Services
Attn: Oklahoma Successful Adulthood Program
PO Box 25352
Oklahoma City, OK 73125
Fax (405) 521-4373

Document the Exit Interview

  • Save a copy of all three documents in the KIDS File Cabinet.
    • Scan all three documents.
    • Open the File Cabinet of the youth's case.
    • Select the "Client" tab and click on "Add."
    • Under "Document Type," choose "OKSA-Case/Transition Plan."
    • Under "File Name," find the file and attach it.
    • Under "Description," type: Exit Interview and the youth's name.

For a printed copy of this information email oksa@ou.edu.