Youth Development Funds

An Oklahoma Successful Adulthood (OKSA) Guide

Youth Development (YD) Funds complement the youth's own efforts to achieve self-sufficiency. They can be used to assist with many needs, and the youth can request YD Funds throughout the year.  All YD Funds are subject to approval and should support goals on the youth's Plan for My Future. YD Funds can be accessed only after an OKSA Service Type Designation is made in KIDS, and both the Life Skills Assessment and the youth's Plan for My Future have been completed.

Verify Supporting Documents Have Been Completed

  • Verify the OKSA Service Type Designation has been documented in KIDS.
  • Verify the Life Skills Assessment has been completed and saved in the KIDS File Cabinet.
  • Verify the youth has a Plan for My Future, and it is saved in the KIDS File Cabinet.

Complete the YD Funds Request

  • Discuss with the youth and the placement provider the following:
    • Determine how the YD funds will directly support a goal on the youth's Plan for My Future and help the youth transition to adulthood.
    • Approval is determined by funding availability.
    • Timing is important: requests must be submitted, approved, and processed before payment is processed.
    • NOTE: It takes approximately 5-10 days from the time the request is approved until the payment is received.
    • Payments must be used with the original vendor indicated on the request form, and for the item(s) originally requested.
    • Receipts are required for each payment that is issued.
    • Additional requests will not be approved until the receipt has been received by the fiscal agent.
  • Complete the Youth Development Funds request on our website: If necessary, the worker can fill out the Independent Living Youth Development Funds form (04IL006E).
    • Enter the vendor's address and phone number. The payment will be made payable to the vendor listed on the request.
    • In the instructions section, list the name and mailing address of the person to whom the payment will be mailed.
    • NOTE: Payments will not be mailed directly to the vendor.
    • Provide specific information about the item, cost, etc.
    • Describe how the request supports the youth's Plan for My Future, and add the request to the plan if possible.

Submit The YD Funds Request

  • Submit the completed request online (preferred method), OR
  • Fax the completed request to the National Resource Center for Youth Services (NRCYS) at (918)660-3785. OR
  • Scan the completed request, with signature, and email it to

Follow Up After Receipt Of YD Funds

  • After receiving the payment, be sure that the youth uses the payment for the items requested.
    • Payment must be used with  the original vendor and for the item originally requested.
    • Receipts are required for each payment that is issued.
      • Please make sure the youth's name is clearly printed on the receipt.
      • Return the receipt, and a money order for remaining cash in excess of 5% of the purchase (if applicable), in the self-addressed stamped envelope that is enclosed with the payment.
      • NOTE: If no funds need to be sent back to the fiscal agent, a scan or photo of the receipt can be emailed to
      • Follow up with the youth and care provider to ensure receipt has been returned.
      • Document in KIDS that the receipt has been submitted to the fiscal agent.
    • Keep a copy of the receipt! Scan or take a photo of the receipt, and save it in the File Cabinet in KIDS under the "Client" tab.
  • Additional requests should not be submitted until the youth is off the receipt list; only one request per youth will be processed at a time. Please do no submit multiple funds requests simultaneously.