What Will Be Your Legacy?

August is recognized as What Will Be Your Legacy? month. It was founded by motivational speaker and novelist, Martha J. Ross-Rodgers, in honor of her mother.

It’s very easy to live life simply going through the motions. What we need to do, on a regular basis, is to stop and take a look around at our surroundings. Think about what you want your legacy to be. After you have a good idea of what you want your legacy to be, think about what you have to do to make that legacy come true.

I asked a few friends and colleagues to tell me what they wanted their legacy to be. Here are just a few:

“Lived life well and was happy.”  

“I was a good parent.”

“My daughter had a better life than me.”

“I was financially responsible.”

“I had a strong work ethic.”

“Made a change in society.”

In this moment, are you where you always thought you’d be? In school, working, parenting full-time? If you aren’t where you want to be, now is the perfect time to change that! Look into schools and get started with Spring enrollment requirements, work hard to finish up high school or your GED, volunteer to make your resume stand out, attend our seminars to help you learn how to be independent. The choices you make now will have an impact on the choices you are able to make later in life. Don’t forget, your choices also affect the lives of the people around you and those closest to you.

Use this month to think through what you have going on. Are you doing what is best for you? Are you choosing to do the things you need to do to better yourself, even when those things are hard? When life’s feeling hard or you’re just having a bad day, reflect on that legacy that you want to achieve.