Documenting OKSA Services

An Oklahoma Successful Adulthood (OKSA) Guide

The John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Act of 1999 required that a data collection system be developed to determine if Independent Living (IL) services are helping youth to be successful as they transition out of foster care. The system that was developed is called the National Youth in Transition (NYTD) Data Base. Oklahoma views NYTD as an opportunity to look at how the OKSA Program is doing and how we can improve. In order to meet the federal reporting requirement, IL/OKSA services which are provided to Oklahoma's youth must be documented in the DHS KIDS system each month. At monthly worker visits, child welfare workers should review and update the OKSA Plan with the youth and placement provider, and ask about any IL/OKSA services that are being provided, and then document at least one service per month.

Determine OKSA Services Provided

  • Prior to each monthly visit, print or download the youth's Plan for My Future from the KIDS File Cabinet.
  • Review the plan with the youth and the placement provider during your monthly visit.
  • Ask the youth and placement provider about IL/OKSA services that have been provided in the current month.

Document OKSA Services

  • Document services in the OKSA Youth Info screen. An additional tip sheet for documenting OKSA services can be found on the OKSA website in the Worker's Corner.
    • Select "Case Plan."
    • Select "OKSA," then select the appropriate youth from the list and select "Show."
    • Select "OKSA" again. This willl show you the OKSA Youth Info screen.
    • Select "OKSA Services" tab.
      • Right click in the empty white space to the right and select "Clear."
      • Under "Type," select the type of service that best represents the service(s) you are documenting this month.
      • Under "Provided By,"  select the type of individual that provided the service.
      • Under "Date/Begin Date," enter the date the service began and ended.
      • NOTE: If it is a service that the youth will be receiving for the entire  month (i.e. academic tutoring), document the begin date as the first day of the month, and the end date as the last day of the month.
      • Under "Comment," enter a comment if more explanation is needed.
      • NOTE: Comments are not always needed.
  • Document the worker visit in "Contacts" and refer to the updated plan for additional information.